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Updates on the Drive Smarter® App

With the release of the updated Drive Smarter application, we introduced several major features, including support for brand-new devices like the Escort MAXcam 360c, Escort M2 and Cobra SC400. We also included numerous enhancements and improvements that we hoped would create a great experience with the app for you. Unfortunately, after the launch in September, we received reports of issues that have impacted some users’ ability to effectively use the app with their devices.  

We want every single experience to be a great one, and we are listening to you and working hard to resolve these issues. The most recent app updates that were released on October 12 addressed many of the common issues for both iPhone and Android users. 

Background Information 
Drive Smarter works as a companion app to several Escort and Cobra models and is available on iOS and Android platforms. Since many of our customers own multiple devices across both brands, we designed the app from the ground up to make it convenient for users to control and monitor more than one device. However, due to wireless connectivity issues between certain devices and phone models that were unfortunately compounded by an issue with our database and registration server, we were unable to deliver the great experience we were striving for and that you needed. 

We are truly sorry and we are doing everything we can to make things right for you. In the next few weeks, you will notice a stepped-up effort to improve the stability and quality of the app, including: 

  • The addition of more content on our sites to keep you up-to-date on what new enhancements and features are coming 
  • A new page focused on communicating Known Issues, any workaround solutions, and dates for when the issues will be fixed 
  • A new page focused on Device Compatibility for the Drive Smarter app and other existing apps 
  • Updated FAQs to answer questions or to help you troubleshoot any issues  
  • Firmware updates sent via the app to help keep your device up-to-date 
  • Updates to both Android and iOS versions on a monthly basis (or more frequently) until all customer issues are resolved 
  • Heavily increased development, quality assurance, and customer care resourced efforts to ensure that all major issues are addressed in the next 8 weeks 


Please visit this page to check for new updates, but in the spirit of transparency, we will also continue to notify Drive Smarter users whenever we have new information to share with you. Thank you. 

October 13, 2021

With previous versions of the Drive Smarter app, several customers have reported experiencing usability issues. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and have been working diligently to address these issues.

Both iOS and Android versions of the Drive Smarter app contain several important improvements and bug fixes.

Release Notes

iOS version 2.10.1 

  1. Overall improvements in application stability and the connection between your phone and your compatible devices
  2. Improvements to OTA (Over-The-Air) updates on select models that ensure that newer firmware versions are properly detected and applied
  3. New Detector Settings incorporated so that Escort MAXcam 360c users can now view all settings on the Device Settings page
  4. Added support for French, Spanish and German languages


Android version 2.10.5    

  1. Overall improvements in application stability and the connection between your phoneyou’re your compatible devices. In particular, enhancements have been included to ensure a reliable reconnection with the device when powered on or when back within range.
  2. Improve OTA (Over-The-Air) updates on select models that ensure that newer firmware versions are properly detected and applied
  3. The Drive Smarter application will no longer run in the background if you exit the app completely
  4. Added support for French, Spanish and German languages

* Note: Detector Settings for MAXcam 360c users have been available in a prior release


We are confident that these latest updates will improve the usability experience for our users and appreciate your patience while we’ve worked on making the app better for you.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know. Email developer@drivesmarter.com so we can hear your thoughts!

September 22, 2021

We recently launched a new version of the Drive Smarter® app that will soon become the unified technology platform that helps you drive smarter and safer, whether you’re a Cobra or Escort customer with a connected device or a standalone app user.

Part of the work to build out the new platform will be incorporating the functionality of our existing apps, Cobra iRadar and Escort Live, as well as ensuring that all compatible Cobra and Escort devices work well with Drive Smarter.

Our goal is to constantly improve your Drive Smarter app experience by adding new features. Below you’ll find some items we intend to tackle with our next few app updates.

  • Live Alerts: Drive Smarter includes live alerts from our network of devices and community of drivers on the map screen. We will be making improvements to the positioning of the zone of shared alerts, while also increasing the size of the zone to better match the Escort Live experience. This will be in our next update in early October.
  • MAXcam 360c Device Settings: At launch, we’ve included camera settings for the MAXcam 360c so you can customize your camera experience. Detector settings will be included in an update in early October, but you can still access your detector and camera settings via the device menu and rotary knob on the device.
  • Gallery Timeline Thumbnails: The MAXcam 360c’s gallery timeline is accessible today, and we will be adding thumbnails to better identify clips in mid-October.
  • Device Compatibility: At launch, Drive Smarter is compatible with the MAXcam 360c, M2 radar-mounted smart dash cam, and the Cobra SC series of smart dash cams. Additional Escort detector compatibility will be added in Fall 2021.

We are excited to continue improving the Drive Smarter platform and app experience with new and updated features to help you drive smarter and safer. We’ll continue to update this post for you with new information as it becomes available.