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Summer Road Travel

Trends & Concerns

Americans are noticing a spike in both traffic and speeding on the roads, according to a national survey of drivers. While roads seemed to clear immediately after the COVID-19 outbreak, they’re filling up again as people embark on summer vacations and seek outdoor recreation. And with most Americans going out of their way to avoid crowded airports, train stations, and bus terminals, it looks like road traffic will only continue to surge. 

The Cedar Electronics Smart Driving Index asked drivers about their plans for road travel and their top safety concerns when driving this summer.
Before taking your next road trip — or returning to your commute — see what you can expect to encounter on the streets and highways,
and how to maximize your road safety. 

If you’re among the 49% of Americans not using any car tech to increase your road safety, there’s good news. Thanks to advancements in dash cams, crowdsourced road awareness apps, and sensor-based driver alert systems, smarter, safer driving is easier than ever to attain.

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