Cedar Electronics Partners with HERE Technologies and BMW to Make Drivers Smarter and Safer - DriveSmarter

Cedar Electronics Partners with
HERE Technologies and BMW

to Make Drivers Smarter and Safer

If you’ve been looking to buy or lease a new BMW, you’ll want to check out a brand-new service that will make you a smarter and safer driver behind the wheel. Today, Cedar Electronics and HERE Technologies announced a partnership with BMW to empower drivers nationwide with location-based alerts that increase your awareness on the road. 

The result of this collaboration is BMW Traffic Camera Information, an advanced driver alert service that combines location intelligence, radar and laser detection data, and traffic enforcement camera warnings to keep drivers informed of their surroundings. Cedar Electronics provides the sensor-based alerts through its established Cobra and ESCORT driver community applications. 

 With more Americans taking to the road this year, and traffic hazards and congestion increasing, sophisticated driver alert systems are more important than ever. The BMW Traffic Camera Information service is just one example of how Cedar Electronics is working with industry leaders like HERE to increase driver safety and accelerate the future of connected, intelligent cars. 

A Partnership Powered by a Driving Community & HERE Safety Cameras

In this new partnership, the intelligence from Cobra and ESCORT drivers and devices is integrated with HERE Safety Cameras, an exclusive database of fixed-location traffic cameras. Part of the HERE Connected Services product line, Safety Cameras will alert BMW drivers when they are nearing red light cameras or speed cameras that detect traffic violations and automatically issue tickets.  

Helping All Drivers Make Better Decisions Behind the Wheel

A real-time driver alert system gives drivers relevant and accurate alerts so they can make more informed decisions behind the wheel. Whether it’s live alerts generated from radar or laser detection, a shared alert from a user-generated community member, or a location-based alert from a database of known permanent and mobile traffic enforcement alerts, knowing what’s in your proximity allows you to adjust your driving behavior accordingly.  

Even the safest drivers can be sometimes caught off guard when they realize they are driving above the speed limit or are dealing with a distraction, either inside or outside the car.  


Drive Smarter with Actionable Alerts

As road travel and traffic accidents increase year over year, timely and accurate insights on the road are in high demand. Cedar Electronics is at the leading-edge of comprehensive driver alert systems, already connecting its massive community of Cobra iRadar and ESCORT Live users to actionable, real-time traffic, safety, and law enforcement alerts.  

From our family of Cobra SC smart dash cams and ESCORT driver alert systems to partnerships with like-minded companies like HERE and BMW, we’re proud to usher in the future of smarter driving.